Choosing a good wedding photographer is one of the most crucial decisions that couples should make. Every couple wants their wedding photographs unique and interesting. The wedding photographers in Overland Park, KS ensure that your photographs appear different from others. However, the photographers typically follow certain styles to click the wedding photographs.

So, what are the popular wedding photograph styles? It would be great if couples know different wedding photography styles before hiring a professional photographer. Knowing different styles will help you to choose a particular style that will match your personality. The wedding album will become more exciting and cherished in this way.

1. Classic Wedding Photography

A classic wedding photography style, also known as traditional style, is suitable for all couples. Many people prefer vintage wedding themes nowadays. Classic photographs are perfectly suitable for vintage wedding themes.

Technically, classic photographs are shot at eye level. The post-processing team of the photographer also plays a major role in rendering a traditional look and feel to the photographs. Nowadays, most photographers are not well-versed in classic wedding photography.

Bringing the vintage look and feel to the photographs is not an easy thing. Only a professional and experienced photographer can provide a satisfactory service in this regard. Before hiring a photographer, you must check the portfolio to understand the types of vintage photographs clicked by the photographer.

2. Photojournalistic Style

Photojournalistic wedding photography focuses on capturing candid moments. Candid photographs often capture true emotions. Such photographs often do not undergo heavy post-processing or editing. Nevertheless, photographs are captured in multiple sequences to create perfect photo documentation of a wedding.

Capturing candid moments is not an easy thing, since many couples often become camera conscious. An experienced photographer often starts the day by capturing a few classic shots. When couples feel comfortable before the camera, the photographer starts capturing candid moments.

3. Editorial Style

The editorial style is the bang opposite of the photojournalistic style. While the photojournalistic style captures candid moments, editorial photography is about clicking posed photos. At the end of the day, editorial photographs look similar to the photos on the magazine covers.

In most cases, couples want a mix of editorial and photojournalistic styles. In other words, they want some photos candid and others are posed. Only a veteran photographer can mix these styles and create a perfect wedding album for you.

4. Dark and Moody

The dark and moody theme is perfect for those who want creatively-captured photography at weddings. Such photographs should be well-planned. Otherwise, the output will not become satisfactory. Since the style includes playing with lights and shades, your photographer may want you to change the light’s positioning at the event venue.

You may not get multiple photos on this theme, since it can be applied to shoot a few exclusive photographs of the couples. But, the theme is worth trying if the couples share an amazing chemistry. Nevertheless, the theme is suitable for those, who want to make their wedding album more creative.

5. Aerial Photography Style

As the name suggests, the aerial photography style refers to the photographs that have been captured using drones. In the past, wedding photographers used to capture photographs from a certain height using ladders. However, most photographers use drones to capture aerial photographs of couples.

Besides capturing still photographs, aerial photography can capture videos. Wedding photography using drones is common nowadays. You need a professional photographer who uses the latest equipment and drone experts to capture aerial photographs to create a sophisticated wedding album.

6. Black and White

The classic black-and-white photographs are still relevant. Nothing can match the sophistication and pristine charm of the monochrome images. So, you can get some of your wedding photographs clicked in greyscale. 


So, these are some popular wedding photography styles that you can try to make your photographs exceptionally eye-catching. A well-designed wedding album will stay close to your heart forever. However, it is essential to find a professional Kansas City wedding photographer.

Before hiring a photographer, you must discuss the plan in detail. A photographer can give you multiple plans for choosing wedding photography styles. People plan everything perfectly for managing their wedding events. Similarly, you should plan everything with precision to make your wedding photographs attractive.

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