Have you made up your mind about adopting a Goldendoodle puppy? The first thing you need is to find professional Goldendoodle breeders near you. Choosing the right breeder ensures you find the perfect puppy for your home. Many people make mistakes in choosing a good dog breeder. You must ask the breeders a few essential questions before finalizing the deal for the Goldendoodles. The following section of this article discusses those crucial questions.

Questions to Ask Goldendoodle Breeders

1. How do you manage the health issues of the Goldendoodle puppies?

The seller must check genetic conditions such as hip dysplasia among the Goldendoodles. Besides this common genetic test, many other screening tests should be performed to ensure puppies remain healthy. The seller or breeder should furnish all these test reports to the buyers. Checking the reports helps choose the correct puppy.

2. What is the right age to take a puppy home?

The right age for selling a Goldendoodle puppy is at least eight weeks. A professional Goldendoodle breeder does not sell puppies less than eight weeks old. So, consider it a caution flag if a breeder asks you to take a puppy less than eight weeks old.

3. What should I feed the puppy after taking it home?

A balanced and healthy nutrition is important for the puppies. The breeders feed the puppies according to their breeds. Therefore, you must learn about the puppy’s food habits before bringing it home. So, you should ask the seller questions in this regard. Feeding according to the puppy’s preferences and liking will keep it healthy and happy.

4. Has the puppy undergone any skill training?

Many breeders arrange skill training for the puppies. Buyers should know the types of skill training programs that puppies have undergone. This will help dog parents plan the puppies’ future skill training.

5. What is your experience as a Goldendoodle breeder?

The Goldendoodle is a special dog breed, and the breeder should be well-experienced in caring for such dogs. A breeder with expertise in various dog breeding techniques may fail to care for the Goldendoodles properly. One needs exclusive knowledge and experience in managing the Goldendoodles. So, buyers must inquire about the seller’s experience to ensure they buy the best Goldendoodle breeds.

6. What go-home materials do I get with the puppy?

Typically, a dog breeder goldendoodle provides a few go-home materials to the buyers. For example, the seller must furnish the genetic and health reports of the puppy. At the same time, the seller may provide a detailed dietary plan for the puppy for the first 5-6 months. Nevertheless, you may also get various puppy care tips and skill training recommendations. Choosing a breeder who provides all this information is a good thing.

7. Will I get a contract?

A reliable dog breeder offers contracts to their sellers. So, it is a red flag if a breeder does not agree to provide a detailed contract. The contract carries crucial information regarding the puppy’s breeding and health reports. Nevertheless, it should also mention all the financial transactions between buyers and sellers.


So, these are the essential things to ask a breeder when you decide to purchase the Goldendoodle puppies for sale. Choosing a professional and reliable breeder is crucial to finding healthy puppies. Bringing a healthy Goldendoodle at home will bring so much happiness and fun to your house. A Goldendoodle can become an excellent family member since they are known for their cuteness and intelligence.

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