According to a report by Consumer Affairs in 2023, Americans relocate to various residential places on average eleven times in their lifetime. Therefore, a professional moving service in high demand is not a surprise in this country. Most people know the essence and importance of choosing a reputed moving service. Some people also seek cheap service providers, though nobody likes to compromise on quality. This is where a full-service residential moving company comes into the picture. Instead of a regular service provider, you should look for a company that offers full moving service.

So, what should you expect from the full-service movers? What are the benefits of hiring such service providers? Find answers to these questions in the following section to ensure the moving process becomes hassle-free.

When Do You Need a Full-Service Residential Moving Company?

Basically, it is more convenient to move with a full-service residential mover than with regular moving services. As the term implies, a full-service mover offers an end-to-end service with precision. Therefore, hiring such a service provider ensures that you put minimal or zero effort into the moving process, as your service provider will take care of everything.

  • Fragile Items: When you have many fragile and expensive items to move, you must hire a full-service moving company to ensure their safety.
  • Musical Instruments: Transporting musical instruments is a daunting task. Transport a piano or other instrument with precision with a full-service mover.
  • Limited Resources: Packing and unpacking the goods before and after moving requires teamwork. Find a full-service mover when you have limited people in your family.
  • Save Time: You can save time by choosing a full-service moving company near you. The service includes packing and unpacking the items before and after the relocation.

Services to Expect from Full-Service Movers

You can expect an end-to-end moving service from the full-service residential movers. Some of the major highlights of such services have been discussed in the following section of this article.

1. Assembling and Disassembling Furniture

Transporting the furniture safely from one place to another is a task that demands expertise and experience. Some of the items can be disassembled, while some furniture cannot be disassembled. Disassembling the furniture requires carpentry expertise. So, when you choose a regular moving service, you may need to call a carpenter to disassemble the furniture.

The same is not applicable when you choose a full-service moving company. A full-service mover will ensure the disassembling and packing of the furniture. The service further includes unpacking the furniture and assembling it again at your new location. Therefore, you can save the cost of hiring carpenters during the moving process.

2. Loading and Unloading

Instead of choosing the movers, some people search for transportation vehicles. In such cases, you need to take responsibility for loading and unloading the items on the truck. Due to a lack of experience in such jobs, people make costly mistakes, which cause damage to the furniture. Nevertheless, it is also risky to carry heavy furniture since you may end up hurting yourself.

Choosing a full-service moving service provider will help you avoid the hassles of loading and unloading. The service provider will come with adequate human resources to ensure that you do not find any hassles in loading and unloading the furniture and other items.

3. Transportation

Transportation is a major part of a moving service, and a full-service mover offers top-notch convenience for this reason. Such service providers ensure that you do not face any hassles during transportation. The movers are responsible for the safety of your items during transportation.

Hiring a full-service mover could be fruitful when you require an international moving service. Transporting furniture and other household items from one country to another involves multiple transportation mediums and options.

Bottom Line

These are the reasons why you should look for a full-service residential moving company instead of regular moving services. Choosing the right service provider ensures that you enjoy amazing convenience during your residential relocation. Relocating to a new place is mentally and physically stressful. A professional moving service can reduce your stress and concern to a large extent. 

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