Preschool games are an excellent learning experience for the kids as it prepares them for the future. It helps them to develop essential cognitive and social skills that help them to cope with the rigorous school curriculum and to face the competitive outer world.

Preschool games are also effective for parents to constructively engage the kids and teach them essential life skills quite easily and efficiently. Nowadays online sources provide a plethora of options of preschool games for parents to explore. They can choose the best possible preschool games for their child.

The following article will discuss the top five preschool games that are crucial for a child’s education.

1. Sleeping Lions

Sleeping Lion teaches children the crucial skill of staying focused amidst distractions. This is a seemingly simple game where a group of kids is sleeping in a room and one of them walks around the floor and tries to wake up other kids one by one. The kid who can remain asleep till the end is the winner.

Children are easily distracted so by playing this game they get to practice the essential skills of keeping focused and controlling their physical impulses no matter how hard their friend is trying to distract them. This practice would help them to stay focused on their studies and other activities that require rapt attention and control.

2. Hopscotch

This game is excellent for developing the ability of critical thinking in children. In this game, the kids are required to draw a hopscotch shape along the sidewalk and toss a stone on one of the blocks of the hopscotch. Then they need to move along the hopscotch by avoiding the box on which the stone has been placed.

Navigating the hopscotch by avoiding the box with the stone is quite difficult and the kids need to plan beforehand and determine the best move along the grid. This problem-solving and independent thinking will help them in figuring out difficult topics like math and science in the future.

3. Parachute Games

Parachute games teach children the skills of teamwork and coordination. The game involves the children holding a parachute or a large sheet between them and an object like a ball is dropped on the parachute and the kids need to throw the object in the air in a way so that the object does not drop out of the parachute.

It becomes difficult when the parachute is big and kids deal with multiple objects on the parachute. It requires the coordination of all the game members. Also, in another part, all the kids would throw the parachute in the air and one kid would run from one side to the other before the parachute dropped.

This game develops the social skills of the children as they need to work in a team and maintain camaraderie. Especially, for kids who are shy and introverted, engaging in this game would help them to come out of their comfort zone and negotiate with their peers.

4. Starfall

Starfall is an online website which was first launched in 2002. This was started by Stephen Shutz. This helps preschoolers learn through music. Schuts launched it to help kids who have learning disability or have problems focus on traditional rote learning like him.

5.  Sesame Street

Sesame Street has been a popular favorite since 1969. This online site provides kids with a pool of games that help them acquire knowledge at the same level as that of their school curriculum.

The only difference is the play way method of the game that helps to grab the attention of the kids more efficiently than the traditional school methods. These innovative games are curated to provide children with an immersive experience through fun activities like alphabet learning, solving problems, and pattern making.

End Note

Preschool games must be used by parents as a tool for engaging children with constructive learning activities. These are curated in a way to draws the attention of the kids towards learning activities. Thus, if you are dealing with preschoolers these games are the best option for you to prepare your child for the future.

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