There is no shortage of parenting ideas and strategies when you search about parenting in Google. However, everything you see on the internet is not useful. Therefore, parents should listen to the parenting experts instead of trusting the random articles on the internet.

Nowadays, most parents in America search for the various parenting approaches. Certain approaches may seem good, though it does not mean that the approach will suit your children. Similarly, a parenting approach should not also undermine the importance of cultural factors when adapting to a parenting strategy.

Among different parenting approaches in the modern USA, positive parenting is gaining popularity. Many experts nowadays recommend this parenting style to working parents. So, what are positive parenting solutions all about? The following section of this article will provide a detailed insight and guide to a positive parenting approach.

Positive Parenting Vs Authoritarian Parenting

Authoritarian parenting is a popular parenting style in the USA. In this parenting approach, the parents typically place high expectations on children with a high involvement. Such parenting approaches do not let their kids flourish creativity. Nevertheless, the communication between parents and children often becomes poor after a certain time.

Many parents apply authoritarian parenting with a minimized involvement. But, it does not resolve the drawbacks of authoritarian parenting. Moreover, it may create new challenges for parents and kids. For example, an uninvolved parenting often makes the parents ignorant about their children’s whereabouts.

Positive parenting, on the other hand, is a compassionate parenting approach. In this parenting style, the parents encourage the problem-solving skills of their children. Moreover, the parenting approach focuses on teaching kids through educational dialogues, predictive skills, and more.

The Positive Parenting Approach

The positive parenting approach does not follow a set of predefined rules. In this parenting, you need to learn different parenting aspects with precision. In the following section, find a quick guide on the positive parenting approach.

1. Spending One-on-One Time

The fundamental step to positive parenting is spending one-on-one time with the children. Busy parents cannot give a good amount of time to their kids. Therefore, modern parents experience a communication gap with kids. This is why positive parenting is crucial since it encourages parents to give dedicated time to their children.

You may be busy with your works, though you can get adequate time for parenting. The key is scheduling your one-on-one sessions with children. This will help you understand the children’s psychology better. Moreover, kids will be happy when they get dedicated time to their parents.

2. Create “When-Then” Rules

Creating a clear expectation is essential for positive parenting solutions. You can apply the “when-then” method to encourage better behavior during the most challenging scenarios. For example, kids may want to play games on smartphone devices or desktops. Ask them to complete certain homework first before they go to play. In this process, the kids will understand the value of facing challenges in life. At the same time, they will respect the rewards that they earned.

3. Give Rewards Tactically

Rewarding kids every time they complete a challenge is not always good. Experts have noted that children often lose interest in a particular activity after being rewarded for performing it. Therefore, parents should pick the rewards for their children more tactically.

Giving encouragement instead of rewards is a more powerful parenting tool. Encouraging kids develops strong inner confidence in them. Giving confidence to the kids is an excellent childrearing practice. Parents should remember that appreciating and encouraging an act of kindness of their children is crucial.

4. Encourage Anticipatory Skills

Parents should also encourage anticipatory skills among children. Anticipation is a crucial skill, which encourages creativity and develops a natural ability to deal with challenging situations. You can encourage anticipatory skills among children by giving them puzzle games. Nevertheless, helping kids solve riddles can also improve their anticipatory skills to a large extent.

5. Stay Involved – Don’t Dominate

Lastly, parents should learn to stay involved with their children. Parents following positive parenting solutions often confuse involvement and domination. Ideally, you need to stay involved with parents. But you should not dominate your kids when helping them deal with certain tasks.


So, these are things that you must learn about a positive parenting approach. Adapting to the positive parenting solutions is essential to give a better and brighter future to your kids.

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