Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) treatment has gained traction recently as one of the best non-invasive hair loss treatments. It flawlessly replicates the natural appearance of fuller hair follicles or closely shaved heads.  This comes as a huge relief for people suffering from hair thinning or hair loss. However, one of main concerns is what to expect from the SMP treatment? This article aims to inform you on what to expect from the procedures so that you can make informed decisions.

The Procedure of SMP Treatment

The main reason for which SMP treatment has become so popular is that it is a non-surgical procedure without any side effects. A certain pigment is injected in the scalp with the help of fine needles to mimic the appearance of a natural fuller hair shaft. Apart from hair thinning or hair loss it also offers remarkable solutions to camouflage scalp scars. 

However, unlike the other invasive hair treatment procedures or hair growth medications, SMP does not facilitate actual hair growth or prevent hair loss. Instead, it offers an immediate cosmetic solution. This is also an important consideration for people who are impatient to wait for a gradual hair growth solution. 

What is a Realistic Result of SMP Treatment?

Before opting out for SMP treatment it is crucial to have an understanding of what to expect from the treatment. This also helps you to determine whether the treatment aligns with your goal or not. Let’s check out what to expect from SMP treatment.

  • Immediate Solution

SMP treatment offers instant hair loss solutions. Unlike other hair treatment procedures you don’t have to wait longer for the final result.

  • Realistic Appearance

One of the merits of SMP treatment is that it allows you to achieve an irregular natural looking hairline. It does not create a perfect hairline creating an artificial look. 

  • No Hair Growth Solution

It is not a hair restorative procedure. It does not involve any hair growth promoting component like the other surgical procedures. 

  • Enhance Appearance 

SMP is only intended to enhance your appearance boosting confidence. It does not cure the actual hair condition that leads to hair fall or thinning. For instance, it can provide a cosmetic solution to camouflage the hair loss that occurs due to alopecia but can’t actually cure the condition. 

Important Factors Playing Crucial Role in SMP Treatment Result

Even though the procedure is non-invasive, the result can vary from one person to another due to certain key factors. Here are some of the key factors that you must consider. 

Difference in Skin and Hair Type

Your skin and hair color and texture are the first thing SMP practitioners consider before planning the treatment. The pigment needs to blend with your skin tone and hair texture and color. For instance, if you have partial hair loss or you need a scar camouflage the pigment needs to blend perfectly with your existing hair strands and skin tone. Without proper blending you won’t be able to achieve a natural appearance.

Level of Hair Loss or Thinning 

For partial hair loss you might require only a single session. For instance, alopecia leads to several small patches of hair loss. A single session might be sufficient for covering such patches. On the other hand, a completely bald condition might need multiple sessions. However, 2-4 sessions are required on an average to achieve the desired outcome. 

Initial One-to-one Session with Practitioners

Initial consultation is extremely important. You must communicate your unique problem and goal to the experts. It enables them to plan the procedures accordingly. For instance, your practitioners can study your unique hair texture and skin tone to determine appropriate pigment that would blend perfectly with your skin tone and hair texture. 


SMP treatment is a cosmetic treatment intended to offer an instance solution to enhance your appearance. It does not promote hair growth or stop hair loss. Before planning a SMP treatment it is important to understand your goals and what to expect from the SMP treatment. If you need instant solutions, SMP is the best way to go about hair loss treatment.

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