If you are running a business, it’s essential to keep up with progressive technology. But to stay up-to-date with the trending tech news, you need to follow a reliable platform regularly. What are the tech blogs that you can follow in 2023 for the best and most honest gadget reviews or even the trending mobile phone comparisons?

Here goes the list that will help a lot when you are trying to gather the top news from the tech industry. 

Top 7 Tech Websites To Follow in 2023 to Stay Updated

#1. Tech Crunch

This platform is always the publisher of the biggest tech blogs. And the blogs are for both beginners and advanced-level users. The site draws about 37 million views regularly which establishes its authenticity and quality. 

The platform also shares video content that has half a million subscribers. Most of these contents are related to entrepreneurship and the latest technology updates. 

#2. CIO Review

These blogs will provide mass readers with comprehensive news on the latest technology and deeper insights across a wider spectrum of topics. The target readers are senior management level and C-level. 

There are contents on the most popular topics like 

  • Big data
  • Blockchain technology
  • Cloud migration
  • Robotics
  • Data Analytics

And there are more on the list. Apart from the blogs on new technology 2022 gadgets the case studies are also interesting and resourceful.

#3. CNet

CNet is always a popular tech blog resource, especially if you are trying to access popular gadget reviews. Whether you are looking for some valuable tips, reviews, or news, this is the right platform to access. 

You will get news about smartphones, laptops, desktops, and any other modern electronic gadgets including the ones that the companies have launched recently. The contents are in-depth materials with thorough research on the topic. 

#4. Geek Wire

Do you love reading the blogs of the geeks? Do you look for knowledge beyond the books from the nerds? Then Geek Wire is the site to follow. It’s one of the most updated tech news websites where you can get information on startups too.

#5. Wired

Technology is progressing. But what’s its effect on human lives? Is the impact useful or harmful ins some ways? Get all these answers on the blogs available on Wired. The site is popular for all the tech blogs that discuss the impact of technology on human life across the political. Geological, cultural, and social aspects. 

Business leaders find these blogs very useful as they get information about the target audience too. There is extensive coverage of tech trends, the latest gadgets, and reviews of various gadgets. 

#6. Engadget

This blogging site is the brainchild of Peter Rojas. It came into existence in 2004. It’s always one of the top blogs to follow when it comes to the latest technology news. If you want to match the pace of progress in the IT world, this is the site to follow. 

The site ranks 5 among the list of top 10 tech blogs. 

  • The site is user-friendly. 
  • You get accurate information in a little time. 
  • The audience base is as big as 29.62 million 

It’s the top choice of many entrepreneurs.

#7. Recode

Want to know about the new technology inventions in 2022 or 2023? Follow Recode where you will get news updates regularly. The site will cover all the breaking news in the IT world along with in-depth analysis and interesting interviews with the leaders of the industry. 

Keep Learning

Blogs help to know more about the technology news 2023So follow the top blogging sites for authentic information. It will help you to make better decisions regarding the technological updates necessary for the business. 

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