There are two common fingerprinting methods, one is traditional paper-ink fingerprint and the other is modern digital printing using cutting-edge technologies. The modern day businesses are increasingly using digital or live fingerprinting techniques to streamline their employee hiring procedures. It is also considered a reliable and secure alternative to traditional paper-ink based fingerprinting methods. The following article would explore some of the key advantages of digital figure printing for employment screening.  

Benefits of Live Scan Fingerprinting for Employee Hiring

Live fingerprinting is an excellent solution for businesses to cut short their lengthy hiring process and to obtain an accurate employee database. Let’s check out the important benefits of live fingerprinting technology for business hiring process:

1. Efficient and Time-Saving

Employee hiring process is quite time-consuming involving biometric information gathering, background qualification checking, interviews and exams. Digital fingerprinting has quickened the employee screening process.

There is no need for manual data entry and or physical mailing allowing employers access to employee data much faster. The move to digital fingerprinting has enabled employers to fill up the required position without having to wait for a long period. 

2. Reliability and Accuracy

The Live fingerprinting technique is based on advanced technology that captures and records the fingerprint electronically, providing error free employee information to the employers. Additionally, this method provides a reliable solution over traditional ink-and-paper methods by eliminating the chances of identity mismatches or false positive information.

3. Strengthen Security and Prevent Fraudulent Instances

The digital fingerprinting is a secured alternative to ink-and-paper fingerprinting solution. It allows companies to create individual digital accounts for each employee and to verify their identity and qualification much efficiently in an organized manner. Additionally, it also allows companies to identify potential threats and identity fraud. 

4. Digital Fingerprinting Enables Integrated Background Checks

Digital Fingerprinting along with background check allow companies comprehensive background checking of the employees. It allows them to record candidates’ picture, educational qualification, prior job experiences, and criminal records enabling them to make informed hiring decisions and safeguard their business and also the employees. 

5. Compliance and Adherence to Legal Rules

Various industries have a legal mandate of mandatory employment screening to ensure a safe work environment. With the accuracy and reliability of digital fingerprinting   companies can now pass the legal requirements without any qualms. Additionally, with digital fingerprinting the companies can avoid the complicated paperwork required to meet the legal requirements. 

6. Eco-friendly and Cost-Effective

Live fingerprinting is an environmentally sustainable paperless solution making it an eco-friendly finger printing solution. By adopting live fingerprinting companies can contribute to environmental sustainability and meet up their CSR goals.

Additionally, reduction of administrative burdens and streamlining procedures makes the hiring process cost-effective. You may find multiple live scan fingerprinting services near you in Woodlands, TX. As a startup business entrepreneur you must hire the best fingerprinting service provider to ensure efficient hiring.


Digital fingerprinting is an efficient alternative to ink-and-paper fingerprinting. Adopting digital fingerprinting is of numerous advantages for business organizations to streamline their hiring process. The accuracy and efficiency it offers makes it a valuable tool for business organizations to hire the appropriate candidates and to maintain a safe work culture.

Additionally, it is a reliable fingerprinting technology that enables the companies to fulfill their legal requirements. Lastly, its eco-friendly approach makes it easy for the businesses to fulfill their corporate social responsibilities.

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