In the era of internet-based global communication, many things have become easier for human beings. For example, you do not need to buy paperback books nowadays due to the availability of e-books. The popularity of e-books has benefitted both readers and authors. The authors can publish their books online without contacting any publishers. Various free and premium platforms are there to publish your comic, fiction, non-fiction, and other books. The self-publishers should not undermine the essence of an eye-catching book cover. The following section of this article discusses the steps for designing a comic book cover.

Steps to Design Your Comic Book Cover

Typically, the self-publishers need to follow only a few simple steps to design their comic book covers. In the following section, we have explained the procedure in seven steps. Following each step minutely will help you create a unique and captivating book cover for your comic book.

Step 1: Research and Brainstorming Ideas

The authors should research well before conceptualizing their comic book covers. In simple terms, researching refers to checking other trending comic books’ cover pages. The more you see, the better you will visualize. Good research will help you brainstorm well and pick unique comic book cover design ideas.

Typically, the protagonist has a crucial role in the comic book’s cover design. You need to create a design around the protagonist or the main characters of the book. Furthermore, you may also feature the villains on the cover page to draw readers’ attention.

Step 2: Poses and Viewpoints

As stated above, the cover design of a comic book should feature the main characters, including the villains. However, showing them on the book cover is a piece of art, which the graphic artists possess. You need to visualize the poses of these characters, along with the viewpoints for drawing them. At this point, you may feel that an expert will perform the job well instead of doing it yourself.  Therefore, you need to find a professional comic book cover designer for the job.

Step 3: Sketch the Cover Image

The next step is sketching the cover image with precision. The procedure of sketching the cover image is time-consuming, and you must possess expertise in sketching. You can hire a professional illustrator for this job. The illustrator will show you the basic sketch to receive your feedback. You may consider making certain changes and proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Choose the Font Carefully

While images and illustrations are crucial for the book cover design, you must not overlook the importance of typography in this procedure. Typography should blend well with the illustration that you have designed. Moreover, the perspective of viewing the texts should be similar to the perspective of representing your comic characters on the cover image.

Step 5: Add Colors to the Sketch

The fifth stage is adding colors to the sketch to proceed to the step to finalize your cover image design. Typically, a comic book should be colorful and vibrant. Therefore, you can experiment with different colors to design your comic book cover.

Step 6: Add Important Details

The final step of designing a comic book cover is adding crucial details to the cover. You need to add the author’s name, price tag, barcode, and other details. You also need to add the publisher’s name, if there is any. The back cover may feature a snippet or summary of the storyline. Instead of a storyline snippet, you can also share an author bio snippet on the backside of the book’s cover.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the six steps that you need to follow to create and publish your comic book covers. You must find a professional and reliable book cover designer to find fresh, unique, and trending ideas for book cover design. Hiring the right person ensures a customized book cover design solution for authors and self-publishers.

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