A smart pet door, also known as an electronic pet door, comes with an array of features. Therefore, installing such pet doors can reduce the hassles of pet owners to a large extent. Pet parents have multiple options for installing pet doors in their homes. However, a smart pet door brings more convenience and safety. Such pet doors are suitable for both cats and dogs in your home.

So, why should you invest in smart pet doors? What are the benefits of having electronic pet doors? Find answers to these questions in the following section of this article.

1. Availability of the Key Fobs

When you install a pet door, you face certain problems. Your pet takes a little time to get accustomed to the pet doors. However, a bigger problem is that your pet may bring other pets to your home. For example, it happens with cats in most cases. The cats often go outside and bring their companions home. The pet door gives easy access to those cats to follow your cat all the way to your home.

The electronic pet door does not bring such hassles since it comes with key fobs attached. The key fob stays attached to your pet’s collar, which eventually helps your pet open the door. However, you need to make sure that your pet wears the collar every time it goes outside. Otherwise, it will become difficult for it to come back home through the smart pet door.

2. Microchip Access – A Key Fob Alternative

In many cases, pets do not like to wear neck collars. Not wearing the collar means the fey fob will not remain with your pet. In order to avoid such confusion, you can choose microchip access instead of key fob access. The microchip will be injected by the vet, and it does not cause any harm to your pet at all. The pet door will be programmed accordingly to help your pet pass through the door seamlessly.

3. Insulated Flaps

The regular pet doors are a little drafty, while the smart pet doors come with insulated flaps. Such pet doors ensure that air does not pass easily through them. As a result, the air conditioner does not face heating loss issues. Therefore, installing such pet doors can improve your HVAC equipment’s efficiency and life span. Ideally, pet owners should look for smart pet doors that possess high-quality gasket seals for the best insulation.

4. Lock Modes and Curfew Timers

Some pets like to spend a fixed time outside every day. This could happen with the cats, who want to spend more time outside than dogs. Choosing the pet doors that come with lock modes or curfew timers is an excellent idea in such cases.

The lock mode allows you to control and monitor your pet’s activities. It tells you whether your pet is outside or inside the house. The users can create curfew timers on such pet doors to keep the doors unlocked for a specific few hours in a day. For example, you do not want your pet to go outside after evening. You can use a curfew timer to keep the pet door locked after evening.

5. Availability of Apps

An electronic pet door becomes a smart door in the true sense when it offers certain features to be managed through smartphone apps. Pet parents can close or open such pet doors through their smartphone apps, and it brings amazing convenience to them.

The apps also help you track the pets better. You can track how many times your pet has gone outside. You may also track the number of hours your pet has spent outside. Having such data will help you optimize your pet’s happiness and regulate its activities.


So, these are the key factors that make you consider investing in top-class electronic pet doors. Smart pet doors have various advantages over regular or traditional pet doors. You should find a professional and reliable service provider for pet door installation near you to attach such pet doors to the existing doors of your house. A professional service provider makes things simple and convenient for their clients.

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