According to the U.S. Global Business Travel Association, business travel expenditure in the USA reached $334.2 billion in 2019. However, the market observed a sharp drop in expenditure in the next two subsequent months. This happened due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which led to travel restrictions all over the world. Now, the fear of the pandemic has gone, and people can travel freely across the world. If you are planning a corporate or business trip, you should add luxury to make the trip enjoyable.

People commonly perceive that business trips are typically boring. But the perception can be changed with a few plans and arrangements. The following section of this article provides a guide on adding luxury to your corporate trip.

Find a Luxury or Exotic Car Rental

When you go for a business tour, you obviously need a car rental service. Instead of a regular car rental, you should pick an exotic car rental service to add luxury to your trip. An exotic car brings posh amenities to make your trip soothing and enjoyable. On the other hand, such vehicles run on the roads smoothly since they are equipped with strong shock absorption technology.

Traveling miles on exotic vehicles does not bring physical fatigue. You can enjoy the superior comfort that comes with luxury vehicles. Driving on bumpy roads will leave minimal fatigue on your body when you choose an exotic car such as a G Wagon. You need to find a professional rental service to rent a G Wagon or other exotic cars of your choice.

Avoid Last-Minute Accommodation Booking

If you want to make your business trip comfortable, you need to book the premier accommodations. Since business tourism is a growing industry in the USA, you will find difficulty in booking your accommodation at the final hour.

Instead of sitting idle, you should book your accommodation beforehand to avoid the last-minute booking hassles. Booking accommodation in advance ensures that you get premier accommodation. At the same time, it ensures that you do not pay a high amount to book your accommodation in the final hours.

Credit Cards with Complimentary Lounge Access

Accessing the airport lounge when you have time in hand can be an excellent experience. Business travelers obtain various facilities when they access the airport lounge. Nevertheless, you can find complimentary breakfast and lunch at the lounges.

You need to have credit cards to access the lounge for free. Many credit cards include such offers, though some credit cards may not provide this privilege. Therefore, you need to pick a credit card carefully when you have to travel frequently for business reasons.

Corporate Trips Are Not About Attending Meetings

Corporate trips are not all about attending meetings and returning home. During the business trips, you can also plan various fun activities. This will make your trip more fulfilling, meaningful, and memorable. Besides attending meetings and dealing with professional responsibilities, you can explore a new place alone or with your fellow business travelers.

Hire a Business Travel Advisor

Hiring a business travel advisor can also add luxury to your trip. A business travel expert is poised with years of experience to plan corporate events during a corporate tour. However, hiring such a service provider is effective when you travel in a group. For solo corporate travelers, hiring a travel advisor is not necessary.


So, these are some of the tips that you can follow to add sophistication and luxury to your business trip. Make sure that you choose a luxury car rental service to improve your traveling experience during the trip. A luxury or exotic car rental brings comfort and sophistication to make your trip successful.

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