Beauty has been a girl’s best friend for the longest time. Beauty is not all about having a pretty face. You should also embrace a healthy routine for skin and nail care to enhance your appearance. In this blog, we will be talking about how clear nail polish beautifies and enhances the durability of nail wraps. Clear nail polish acts as a secret weapon by sealing the edges and providing an extra layer on the nails to allow you to flaunt your beautiful nail wraps for a longer time.

Rising Popularity of Nail Wraps

The younger generation has discovered a whole new way to style their nails. When you hear the term “nail wraps,” you usually expect flexible stickers that resemble your nails and are decorated with intricate designs that last for at least ten days. Currently, one of the most well-liked trends in the nail industry is using clear nail paint. This also requires the use of stickers for nail wraps. 

Tips to Make Nail Wraps Long-Lasting

Here are some useful tips on how to maintain long-lasting and healthy nail wraps.

  • Using a strong base coat: A good strong base coat applied on your nails before applying nail wraps can be very useful in maintaining the longevity of your nails and make them look pretty.
  • Apply with a firm press: During the process one shouldn’t be in a hurry. It should be done very carefully and with a strong press so that the adhesive sticks. 
  • Final touches: The final touches mainly involve, applying of gel on the nails and that determines how long the nails will last. 
  • Using clear nail polish: It ensures the smoothness of the nails and makes your nails look healthy and glossy. 

Why Is Clear Nail Polish Important?

As you may understand from the term, clear nail polish is a simple and transparent finish for your nails. However, clear nail polish may serve other purposes. It is often used as a topcoat on your nail-wrapped nails to seal in the color of your nail polish and further prevent it from chipping or peeling. It is an essential part of any nail care routine. 

Clear nail polish also helps to repair small chips or cracks in your nail making them less noticeable and making them last longer. Thus, manicuring your nails is just not enough, even after manicure and applying the most expensive of nail wrap, one needs to still take good care of their nails by applying a clear nail polish as a topcoat to make your nails look healthy, shiny and long-lasting. Using the best nail wraps can also do the work like magic!

Bottom Line

If you love pampering your nails with colorful and innovative nail wraps, find a little more extra time to add a coat of clear nail polish to the nail wraps. The transparent nail polish applied on the wraps will add a shine to the nails. At the same time, the transparent top coat will extend the life span of the nail wraps by preventing cracking and chipping.

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