Nobody is perfect in the world, and some imperfections come from birth. For example, you cannot do anything about your height since it is controlled by genes, hormones, and other factors. Despite knowing this, people feel bad because of their imperfections. However, putting a little extra effort into dressing well can still make you smart and attractive. In the following section, find some unique dressing tips for short men. Instead of feeling bad about your height, try these tips to boost your confidence.

1. No Loose-Fitting Garments

The loose-fitting garments are not suitable for short men. Instead of baggy shirts and loose-fitting bottoms, you should choose slim-fit shirts and trousers to look smart and attractive. A person with a short height tends to look shorter in loose-fitted dresses. Find some additional tips in this regard in the following section.

  • Do not wear long coats or jackets that go past your knees
  • Fold sleeves if you are not wearing a suit over the full-sleeve shirts
  • Always purchase tailored garments in Phuket instead of readymade dresses

2. Avoid Wearing Belts

Wearing a belt will create a horizontal line around your waist. As a result, it tends to make your look shorter. Not wearing a belt will not create a strikingly visible waistline. You can cover your short height meticulously using this trick.

People typically need belts for readymade trousers, since fitting is not perfect with such trousers. But it is not the case with tailor-made trousers. You can avoid wearing a belt since the fitting will be perfect. You need to find an experienced tailor shop near you to get your dress with the perfect fitting.

3. Use Accessories According to Your Size Proportion

Short men should pick their accessories carefully. An accessory that is larger in terms of size proportion will lead to a fashion disaster. For example, you may need to carry a sling bag to your office. The bag’s strap should be adjusted according to your height. Moreover, it should not appear too large to your size proportion.

4. Wear High or Medium Waisted Pants

Tall men typically avoid high-waisted pants since they do not look good in such pants. On the other hand, short men should prefer wearing high-waisted pants to look dashing. The high or medium-waisted pants will cover your height shortage meticulously. You will not appear awkwardly shorter in such trousers.

5. Choose the Modern Collar Shirts

Modern collar shirts are trending, and you can look attractive in such shirts. Men with short height can choose shirts with modern collars. The popular modern collar shirt options are button-down, cut-away, club, etc. The modern collar shirts give you a more compact look, which is crucial for short men to look good.

6. Pick Customs-Made Suits

Men love wearing suits on different occasions, though short men tend to avoid suits. Does wearing a suit make you look shorter? The answer is no because short men can still look dashing in suits. However, you should make sure to choose tailor-made suits instead of readymade ones. The tailored suits will fit you perfectly, and you will appear dashing.


So, here are some styling tips for short men. Being short is not a concern, because a person looks attractive due to a striking personality. If you have a good personality, physical imperfections should not bother you. Besides a good personality, following a few dressing rules will further make you more attractive to others.

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