Nail stickers or wraps have been exhilarating additions in makeup kits for many women for some time now. People are giving up their traditional nail polish liquids and switching over to nail stickers for a range of occasions. The following blog will discuss some of the top reasons for this new fashion trend. So, let’s find a detailed comparison on nail wraps vs polish.

Reasons for Nail Stickers Popularity

Nail stickers come with some advantages over traditional nail polish liquids both in their applicability and aesthetics. Here are some of the top qualities of nail stickers or wraps. 

1. Easy to Apply

Nail wraps are super easy to apply and require much less time than traditional liquid nail polish. For the first attempt, it might take you 45 minutes to complete the whole application with three rounds of coatings. However, once you are accustomed to it, it will take you only 20 minutes. Thus, if you have a busy schedule or have a party to attend within hours, nail stickers are a perfect choice for you.  

2. Wide Range of Options

Nail wraps are available in varied designs and colors that can be easily applied at home. On the other hand, designing with traditional nail polish requires professional help, and is time-consuming and costly. As far as designs are concerned, from nude colors and original designs to glossy, glittery, pastel colors all are available as nail wraps. It allows you to explore designs that are unique to you and make a bold fashion statement. 

3. Nail Wraps are Affordable Manicure Option

Nail wraps are far cheaper for manicures as it can be easily done at home. Moreover, they are long-lasting and do not require frequent salon visits in comparison to traditional salon manicures that is highly expensive and time-consuming. For instance, nail wraps are available at US $3 lasting for 5-10 days, whereas, it would cost nearly 25-30 $ to get a salon manicure and more if you want a gel manicure. Additionally, regular nail polish, even though it can be applied a number of times, is not durable and gets spoiled easily if you are engaged in housework. 

4. Nail Wraps are Highly Durable

Nail wraps typically last for 10 days without fading or chipping. If you are looking for a gel manicure that lasts up to three weeks without fading or chipping is quite expensive at the salons. It is advisable to get a UV lamp and other required nail care accessories at home to do it yourself saving time and money. 

5. Nail Wraps are More Skin Friendly

Some common chemicals present in nail polish are formaldehyde and toluene which are harmful to your nails and skin. Nail wraps do not contain such chemicals providing you a safe alternative. Gel nail polish can also be harmful even though having high durability if not applied and removed properly. It requires you to follow proper procedures to remove gel nail polish. Casual peeling or ripping off the gel nail polish is harmful to your nail beds and destructive for natural nails. Also, you must cover the surrounding skin of your nails while using UV lamp treatment as it can be extremely damaging. To ensure safe application you must get the best gel nail wraps. 


Gel nail stickers are a better option over traditional nail polish. While reading about nail wraps vs polish, it is understood that nail wraps are easier to apply and cost-effective. These features make them super easy for you to apply on your own. However, you must maintain all the safety measures while applying, using UV lamps, and removing nail wraps to avoid any damage and to obtain the best results.

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