Cosmetic tattooing has gained immense popularity in today’s fashion world. Both men and women heavily invest in cosmetic tattooing to correct their physical appearance and experiment with their looks. Lip blushing is one such permanent cosmetic tattooing procedure to enhance lip shape. Read the rest of the article to explore the procedures of lip blushing and related aspects in detail. 

What is Lip Blushing?

Lip blushing is a permanent cosmetic tattooing procedure that uses tiny needles to inject pigments into your lips to alter both the color and shape of your lips. This provides a younger appearance to your lip without any surgery. However, it involves some degree of pain, so you need to check your tolerance pain level even though numbing medicine will be administered before starting the procedure. You can also consider taking painkiller medicine beforehand to experience painless lip-blushing. 

Lip Blushing Techniques

Lip blushing techniques are similar to lip tattooing, though lip blushing is an enhancer, unlike lip tattooing. Here are the steps for lip blushing:

1. Since lip blushing is painful, you will be given a numbing element to reduce pain and discomfort. 

2. Next, you will be given a catalog of shape and tone to choose your desired design while your numbing agent sets in fully.

3. Tiny needles will insert a pigment into your lip, drawing your chosen shapes and colors. Multiple layers of the pigments are inserted to create an even tone, achieving the desired shape and color tone. 

4. The duration of the entire process extends for 2 to 3 hours. 

Aftercare and Healing

After lip blushing procedures, people commonly experience swelling and redness, which should be treated with ice and cold compresses and kept open to allow it to dry out fast. You may also notice scabs on your lips as they heal. However, you should not pick scabs manually, as they will cause scarring and distort the tone of your lip color. Instead, petroleum jelly is used to relieve scabs. 

Additionally, avoid sun exposure and excessive exercise before fully healing from the procedure. Your lip may appear dark for a week but will go off within a month. After two to three months, a final blushing round might be prescribed to achieve the desired color. So, how long does lip blushing last? The answer depends on how well you follow the SMP artist’s instructions. Typically, it will last between two and five years.

Certified Aesthetician

Traditional tattoo artists and cosmetic tattoo technicians, or aestheticians, are different. Aestheticians typically do lip blushing, which is essential. Verifying that your provider is a certified aesthetician is crucial to achieving the best result and avoiding any severe side effects. Also, ensure you get it done in an accredited skin care facility or at the proper medical center. 

Lip Blushing Cost

The lip is not covered by medical insurance. It typically costs 400 to 800 dollars per session, and as it requires multiple layers, the cost will be levied accordingly. The price varies depending on the provider’s quality and the clinic’s location. However, one must refrain from recourse to lower-quality and uncertified providers to save money, as this may lead to irreparable facial damage. 


Lip blushing is a cosmetic tattooing technique that enhances the tone and shape of your lips. However, it is recommended that you seek advice from a certified dermatologist before this anti-aging cosmetic procedure. Additionally, professional aestheticians must follow the procedure for the best and safest results.

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