Have you ever desired that a flawless face of makeup could stay intact so that when you wake up, you could roll out of bed and go? That wish could become a reality thanks to everlasting cosmetics. Permanent makeup refers to cosmetic tattoos that allow you to reproduce your favorite makeup looks semi-permanently.

So, before you commit to permanent aesthetic makeup to enhance your makeup game, here are some of the most important things you should know about the most popular permanent cosmetics treatments. (It’s also good to consult your doctor to see if these therapies suit you.) Before the needle ever touches your face, here’s everything you need to know about micro-blading, lip blushing, blush tattoos, eyeliner tattoos, scar concealing, and freckle tattoos.


Micro-blading is the most popular permanent makeup treatment, a fancy word for a permanent eyebrow tattoo. The artist uses a thin needle to implant color just under the skin to simulate the strokes of natural eyebrow hairs to produce fuller, more natural-looking brows.

Lip blushing

Lip blushes may conjure images of a fancy grande dame with permanent lip liner who never manages to fill in her lips, but the method has been improved to its current form, according to experts. Lip tattoos, also known as lip tinting or blushing, are a splash of translucent color across the entire lip.

Eyeliner tattoos

People can obtain a variety of eyeliner tattoos based on their demands and personal aesthetic. There’s the lash line augmentation, a black line that sits within the lash line to help draw attention to your eyes. If you’re not wearing cosmetics, lash augmentation will only give you the appearance of having thicker lashes.

There’s also semipermanent eyeliner, which can be put above the lash line to create looks ranging from a cat eye to a delicate, smokey wing.

Scar concealing

Scar camouflage is a skin-colored pigment tattoo that conceals a scar. This therapy is most commonly used to cover mastectomy scars, although artists can also cover other types of blemishes, such as stretch marks or acne scars.

Freckle tattoos

Consider freckle tattoos the rebellious younger sister of the permanent cosmetics industry. Some artists avoid performing them because it is difficult to achieve an even fade on the face, while others believe freckles are inherently uneven.

Preparing for Permanent Makeup

Any qualified dermal pigmentation specialist will take the time to establish if you are a good candidate for the surgery you want. If you have allergies, your technician will need to take extra care. A patch test is usually required a few days before your consultation. A small amount of pigment is put in an inconspicuous area to see if the client can tolerate the dye. Red dye is most likely to cause allergic responses because it is (obviously) used for lip enhancement but is also regularly applied to eyeliner and brow tints.

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