These days, women are blessed to have access to various beautifying treatments, shades, techniques, and trends. But getting them done by trained technicians makes the procedure safe and effective – and makes all the difference.

So how do you know that the person you are trusting with this cosmetic procedure is the right fit for the job?

Not to forget, permanent makeup, just like any medical procedure, precautions are a MUST! Regardless of how short, simple, or non-abrasive, the procedure may seem – if the procedure is not carried out properly, it can lead to serious complications!

To safeguard yourself from such instances, the foremost thing is to choose the right permanent makeup technician. Having said that, we know it is not possible to know what you are getting into from the first appointment. Therefore we have listed a few questions to ask your permanent makeup technician – to ensure you’re in safe hands and your permanent makeup experience will be safe as possible.

Essential Questions To Ask Your Permanent Makeup Artist 

1. What are your training and experience?

When it comes to permanent makeup technicians, having adequate training, experience, and licensing is imperative. Never trust anyone without a proper legal license to operate their business. Along with it, they must have additional certification and have a passion for furthering their career in areas of their special interest.

Be very careful! Some technicians may try to persuade you to think that they are experts in this field without any proper training. Stay away from them!

2. How long have you been doing permanent makeup and how many clients have you completed this procedure for?

The reputation of the technician and their previous experience are key factors to a successful, positive experience. Ask family and friends for recommendations – and also, don’t forget to do your own research. Once you have found a few permanent makeup technicians in Atlanta you like, ask them how long they have been applying permanent makeup and how many clients they have successfully served. 

Remember, the longer the technician has been specializing in permanent makeup and have a highly satisfied client rate – the higher the chances of you getting the same results.  

3. Can you show me some before and after pictures?

Permanent makeup, once applied, stays for a period of 1-2 years without needing any touch-ups. And that’s a pretty long time to stay with something that you’re unhappy about. 

Therefore to ensure you get the same results that you’re expecting, ask the makeup technician to show their professional portfolio, with photographs, testimonials, and necessary certificates to ensure they are the right choice.

4. How do you ensure the sanitization of your equipment?

Before booking your appointment for permanent makeup, make sure to ask them what process of sterilization they use for their equipment. Sanitation and cleanliness are a must – and you can’t afford to compromise on them.

Technicians are required to undergo a vast array of cleanliness and safety certifications before legally performing permanent makeup procedures – which brings out another reason why proper training is absolutely crucial for permanent makeup artists. 

Instruments not sanitized properly and used on various clients can contain bacteria and other residual fluids and can cause several life-threatening diseases.

5. What is the touch-up process?

After the procedure, a slight color loss is normal. But an important question to ask your permanent makeup technician is about their reapplication procedure. 

Ask them when do they recommend touch-ups, how often, is there any discount?

Asking these questions will help you get an overall idea about their patient care. They will help you determine whether the technician is professional or not.

Apart from these, there are a few more questions to ask your permanent makeup artist to gather more information about the procedure.

6. How is the color of the permanent makeup determined?

Ask the permanent makeup technician how they determine the color palette. Choosing the right color is the essence of a permanent makeup procedure.

7. How long will it take to heal? Are there any side effects?

Generally, after the procedure, patients experience slight swelling and redness around the eyebrows. Ask your permanent makeup technician what the general healing time is. This will help you make better arrangements. 

Closing Thoughts

Lucky we are to have so many makeup treatments at our disposal. But before proceeding with anything, it’s your responsibility to ensure it’s safe. Talk to various permanent makeup professionals before zeroing down on your options. Surely it may take some time – but it’s worth the hassle.

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