Many men suffer from male pattern baldness and Muslim men are no exemption. But due to the high advancement in technology, there are many treatments available, one of them being Scalp Micropigmentation. Most Muslim men have doubts in their minds about whether scalp micro pigmentation is haram or not. While it depends on the individual’s perspective and also it is kind of a sensitive topic, still, in this blog, we will try to understand what exactly scalp micro pigmentation is and give you facts to assess whether or not it should be considered haram.

Let’s start with understanding what scalp micropigmentation is.

Scalp micro pigmentation is a cosmetic treatment in which pigments are used to give the scalp a shaved look appearance. Very thin needles are used to deposit pigments on your scalp and tiny dots are made all over the scalp which mimics the buzz cut look. It can also be used to get a thicker and fuller hair look. Scalp micro pigmentation is getting wildly popular among people suffering from male pattern baldness, thinning hairline, and other hair loss issues.

The pigments used in scalp micro pigmentation are semi-permanent unlike the pigments used in tattooing. And it fades away in around 4-6 years. So scalp micro pigmentation cannot be considered a permanent change in one’s body.

Now let’s understand what can be considered haram according to the Islamic faith.

Making permanent changes to your body features is haram. In other words, opposing nature and modifying your natural features is not allowed. For example, tattoos are considered haram, because they make permanent changes to one’s skin which means changing the natural creation of God.

Scalp micro pigmentation is not tattooing

Scalp micro pigmentation is often misinterpreted as tattooing but unlike tattooing, scalp micro pigmentation is not permanent and it gives you the appearance of something that you already had. It basically restores what you already had, it does not alter the natural creation of God. By no means it’s a modification, so it is permissible and cannot be considered haram. Baldness is an ailment and like any other ailment, it is permissible to treat it in the Islamic faith. But again it depends on the perspective of people. There are lots of opinions about it, some people say it is permissible while others oppose it. So the decision is totally up to individual thinking, it is crucial to consider their own values and beliefs before making a decision.

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