Hair loss is more common among men than women, especially pattern hair loss. A receding hairline is a common thing after the age of 35-40 years. However, a drastic hairline receding is not a common phenomenon. Men encounter such problems due to hormonal issues, poor lifestyle habits, lack of balanced nutrition, etc. Irrespective of the reasons behind hair loss, men should look for hair restoration near me.

Choosing a hair restoration treatment is not easy. Multiple treatments are available, though many of them may not suit you. The suitability of a particular treatment varies from one person to another. For example, hair growth revival oil works for some people, while they do not work well for others. Similarly, you can undergo a hair transplant for hair restoration. However, hair transplant results also vary from one person to another.

Scalp Micropigmentation: A Proven Hair Restoration Near Me

Among different hair restoration treatments, scalp micropigmentation (SMP) has emerged as one of the finest options for men who want to restore their receding hairline. Also known as hair tattoo, SMP renders a fast and accurate result in restoring your hairline. So, what makes this treatment better than others? Find the answer in the following section of this article.

What Makes SMP the Best Hair Restoration Treatment?

SMP has been regarded as one of the best hair restoration treatments for multiple reasons. Find those reasons below and understand the benefits of this treatment.

Enjoy an Instant Result

Scalp micropigmentation Atlanta ensures an instant hair restoration result. You need to undergo two to three sessions for the treatment. The good thing is that your hairline will be restored after the first session. The remaining sessions will bring even more perfection in restoring the hairline.

When you compare other treatments with SMP, you will find most treatments do not fetch an instant result. For example, it may take years to see a marginal result with hair regeneration creams and oils. On the other hand, a hair transplant gives you a result after five to nine months of the treatment.

No Need to Break the Bank

SMP does not require you to break the bank since it is an affordable hair restoration procedure. If you compare SMP with hair transplant, you will find that SMP costs ten times less than hair transplant treatment.

In the USA, the average SMP cost is around $1500, while the hair transplant costs around $20000-25000. So, SMP is a treatment for those who cannot afford the hair transplant procedure. The common hair restoration oils and medicines are cheap, though they do not ensure the best results in restoring your hairline.

No Side Effects

One of the biggest benefits of SMP is zero side effects. You can try hair restoration medications, though they have harmful side effects on your body. On the other hand, hair transplants can also go wrong and leave scars on your scalp. But scalp micropigmentation does not feature any side effects since it is a non-medical procedure. Therefore, you can undergo the treatment without worries.

Suitable for Everyone

People under certain medical conditions cannot undergo hair transplant treatment. On the other hand, age is also a big factor. Experts recommend people belonging to the 25 to 65 age group to undergo the treatment. But, SMP is a treatment for everyone since it is non-surgical. The process is painless and can be done without any invasion of your scalp.

Low Maintenance and Long-Lasting

Scalp micropigmentation requires minimal maintenance. Following a few basic guidelines will help you to avoid any discomfort and hassles with the hair tattoo in Atlanta. For example, you should avoid direct exposure to sunlight since UV rays can harm the color pigments. As a result, the pigments will fade.

A person who has undergone SMP should also avoid applying shampoo for a week on the scalp. Shampoo has various chemicals that can react with the color pigments. As a result, the pigments may fade.

Bottom Line

As stated at the beginning of the article, there is no dearth of hair restoration treatments. However, all of them are not suitable for everyone. A hair transplant is an excellent way of restoring hair, though it is a costly and surgical procedure. Scalp micropigmentation is the best option if you want to avoid the costly surgical procedure.

Besides offering hair restoration at an affordable cost, SMP assures an instant result. You can improve hair density and restore hairline through this treatment. You need to find the SMP experts in Atlanta for the treatment. Make sure that you choose an experienced service provider.

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