Do you also feel more beautiful and confident after applying makeup? It is surely a confidence booster for all of the ladies out there. If you want to look good everyday without the hassle of waking up one hour early in the morning to prep up your skin for half an hour and apply ing makeup for the rest of the time, you might want to use this time for your hobbies, yoga, gym or maybe just to get an extra hour of that sweet sleep. You might want to ask ‘Is it even possible’, then my answer would be ‘YES, IT IS’.

Have you heard of permanent makeup? How could it improve your life in the long run? And why should you give it a try?

What is Permanent Makeup and how could it benefit me?

Permanent makeup is exactly as it sounds like, it is the tattoo version of permanent makeup which is applied by an experienced professional to highlight your Eye brows, Lipstick, Eye liner, create moles to enhance your looks and much more.

Permanent Makeup will save you from all the daily struggles and wasted time from your life that you spend every day in front of your mirror. You can look fine everyday without all that jazz, with one time investment in Permanent Makeup.

We created a full list of pros and cons that might help you in finding whether you should go for it or not.

Pros of using Permanent Makeup

Saves time in the long run

Permanent Makeup is a great investment for you if are struggling in your everyday life or if you just want to be productive using the designated time you used to give to your makeup.

Highly Customizable

Permanent Makeup is highly customizable as per your needs and preferences. So you can create your own look showcasing your style.

Smudge Proof & Water proof

Not only it is permanent and easy, it is smudge proof and water proof too. So you don’t have to worry about ruining your looks anymore, no matter if it is sunny or rainy.

Cons of using Permanent Makeup

Health Risks

Permanent Makeup can induce infections or allergies, so it is advised to talk to your dermatologist before you go for it.

It is Expensive

Makeup is costly itself, but Permanent Makeup is even costlier. It is a specialized medical process that makes it an expensive option for the consumers.

It is very permanent

If you don’t want to be stuck in one look for the rest of your life, it is probably not for you. It makes the makeup process tougher for you if you have Permanent Makeup as your base makeup.


Before making permanent makeup your future choice, please keep all of these points in your mind. Talk to your dermatologist (Permanent Makeup Artist) and prepare yourself before delving into the bliss of picture perfection. Happy reading!

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