A punctured tire must be replaced at the earliest. A punctured tire is extremely dangerous to operate with. Annually, approximately 11,000 accidents are caused by poor tire condition and puncture in the USA alone. The air pressure of the tire is released due to puncture that makes it difficult to control the car. It can also lead to blowout or loss of control causing accidents and serious injuries. Thus, it is important to understand when to replace attire. Keep reading to know everything about tire replacement.

Sign of a Tire Puncture

Your vehicle would notify you beforehand that you might have a punctured or damaged tire. Learn about the signs below for your safety.

  1. Insufficient Air Pressure in the Tire: Tire monitoring system (TPMS) or manual tire pressure gauge detects an under-inflated tire; there is a high possibility that a tire is punctured. 
  2. Uneven Surface of Tire: Uneven tear or wear or any sort of dent on the tire can seriously damage the tire and cause puncture. You need to be cautious with tire condition in order to avoid accidents and replace it as soon as possible. 
  3. Unusual Noise or Vibration: If you notice any humming vibrating sound or unusual noise while diving at a high speed, it indicates the tire is punctured. In such cases you must visit the nearest tire recovery shop and get it replaced as soon as possible. 
  4. Slow and Gradual Leakage: Slow and gradual leakage of air pressure is not immediately noticed by the driver. However, substantial air pressure release creates problems of maintaining control and alignment. This leads to dangerous accidents. You must check your tire on a regular basis to avoid accidents and road miss-ups. Also, you must visit the best tire shop in Monroe for perfect installation. 
  5. Visible puncture: A large hole in the tire is easily visible and indicates complete damage of the tire. In such situations it is not possible to drive with damaged tires. 

Key Factors on Repairing Punctured Tires

You need to inspect your tire before making a decision regarding repair or replacement. Here are some important factors that will inform you about the specific requirement. 

  1. Puncture Size: Not all tires need replacement. Punctures larger than 6mm need replacement. Puncture smaller than that can be replaced. You must be sure about the condition of the tire before deciding on replacement. Repairing a tire would obviously save you more money than a total replacement. 
  2. Puncture Location: Punctured on the sidewall of the tire requires sure replacement because this part of the tire is most flexible while in contact with the road due to their elasticity. Repair would eventually fail due to this elasticity causing serious blowout. This is extremely dangerous for the vehicle as well as for the driver. Hence replacement is the only option. 
  3. Tire Age: Even if the tire puncture is smaller than 6mm old tires must be replaced upon puncture rather than repaired. A repaired old tire would not last long before a possible accident. Thus, it is always safer to go for a replacement. 
  4. Multiple Punctures: If the tire sustains multiple small punctures it is more cost effective to get a replacement than to repair it.

Final Note

A puncture tire must be attended immediately to avoid accidents and road hazards. Punctured tire causes a wheel alignment issue which is not only dangerous for the driver but also other vehicles in the vicinity of your car. To determine whether to repair or replace a tire you must inspect the air pressure and size, position and number of punctures a tire has sustained. 

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